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The Enrollment Clinic

The Enrollment Clinic

Hosted by Gjergj Dollani, Chief Growth Officer at Bay Atlantic University - this podcast series is for education professionals. If you are in Admissions, Marketing or Leadership in the Higher Education industry, this podcast is for you. Through these 15-20 minute episodes I tackle specific issues that come up in enrollment, recruitment and admissions. Follow along and take part in our The Enrollment Clinic community in

Recent Episodes

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9 - Besart Kunushevci, Founder and CEO of Crossplag

Feb. 9, 2023

"The Enrollment Clinic" podcast welcomes Besart Kunushevci, a leading expert in the field of academic integrity and the founder of Crossplag, the world's first cross-language plagiarism-checking solution. In this episode, we…

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8 - John McLoughlin, St. George's University School of Medicine

Jan. 6, 2023

In Episode 8 of the Enrollment Clinic, my guest John McLoughlin from St. George's University School of Medicine talks about enrollment in a highly specialized area of Higher Education; Medicine. Many of the challenges we fa…

Episode 7 - Samira Pardanani

Nov. 22, 2022

In this episode, Samira Pardanani - Associate Vice President, International Education & Global Engagement at Shoreline Community College - takes us through her experience in International enrollment, from when she started a…

Episode 6 - Enrollment trends, Leadership and International Students with George Kacenga

Oct. 24, 2022

In this episode, George Kacenga, the VP of University Partnerships for M Squared Media / MSM Unify, talks about the recent trends in International Student enrollment; changes in student preferences on how they communicate wi…

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5 - Student Recruitment in Latin America with David Arango

Oct. 17, 2022

In this episode of The Enrollment Clinic, my guest David Arango (Director of Recruitment, Latin America and Europe at Global Study Partners) and I discuss the Latin American market. We cover a range of topics from the intri…

Guest: David Arango

4 - Application FEES vs. Admissions Deposits, which is best?

Oct. 6, 2022

I decided to record this short 12 minute episode because 1) there is no good research out there as to what works best FEES vs DEPOSITS, and 2) because I have been thinking and experimenting with this topic a great deal, so I…