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Oct. 17, 2022

5 - Student Recruitment in Latin America with David Arango

5 - Student Recruitment in Latin America with David Arango

In this episode of The Enrollment Clinic, my guest David Arango (Director of Recruitment, Latin America and Europe at Global Study Partners) and I discuss the Latin American market.  We cover a range of topics from the intricacies of various countries, regions and cultures within Latin America to working with Global Study Partners and what higher education institutions should expect from partnering with Global Study Partners.

Global Study Partners (GSP) is a unique online platform that allows international students to search, compare and apply for thousands of courses globally. Study destinations include Australia and New Zealand, USA and Canada, UK and Ireland.  The GSP platform links international students with education institutions through GSP approved education agents and channel partners.  GSP provides a unique pre-enrollment experience for students and our channel partners. 


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David Arango

Director of Recruitment, Latin America & Europe

Senior Recruitment and Marketing Specialist for the International Education Industry in Latin America and Europe