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Sept. 19, 2022

3 - Demystifying SEO with Granit Doshlaku

3 - Demystifying SEO with Granit Doshlaku

I invited my friend, Granit Doshlaku -- Head of Search at Manaferra (  -- to discuss SEO for Higher Education.  Granit is an expert in the field and Manaferra is a multi-award-winning Search Marketing agency.  

We talk about what Search Marketing encompasses, trends in higher education, content, etc.  We spend a good amount of time talking about what universities do right, when it comes to SEO, and what they do wrong.   

There is definitely tons of info to pack in our 25 minute conversation, and especially a great deal of tips and tricks on how to excel in reaching prospective students online.   

Give this episode a listen, let us know your thoughts at The Enrollment Clinic http:/ 

Granit DoshlakuProfile Photo

Granit Doshlaku

Head of Search

Granit is the Head of Search at Manaferra and the team’s guide to understanding SEO’s complexity and simplicity.

He dipped his toes in most activities, from poetry to acting and even editing, at a young age. However, what stuck with him was all that the web made possible and what was to come of it. He loves the challenge that his work entails and the fast pace at which it is evolving; consequently, the chase to catch up to everything.

When he’s not coming up with the latest strategy to drive traffic for our clients or a forward-thinking approach to a sudden drop in it, he’s nurturing his love of reading, which has taught him almost everything he knows. Meanwhile, his weekends often feature walking in nature and rewatching superhero movies (huge Marvel fan alert!).