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Nov. 22, 2022

Episode 7 - Samira Pardanani

Episode 7 - Samira Pardanani

In this episode, Samira Pardanani -  Associate Vice President, International Education & Global Engagement at Shoreline Community College - takes us through her experience in International enrollment, from when she started as an international student.  We talk about the benefits that community colleges, like Shoreline, offer to international students, and the importance these institutions have as primary enrollment sources for traditional 4-year colleges and universities.  We also talk about her strategies in entering a new market.  What to look for.  How long to explore opportunities.   Additionally I ask her to share with us her favorite tools in recruiting and retaining international students.  

This is a do-not-miss episode, packed with actionable advice.

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Samira Pardanani

Associate Vice President, International Education & Global Engagement

Samira oversees Shoreline Community College’s International Education department which encompasses international recruitment, admissions, academic/transfer advising, study abroad, and international partnerships. In addition, she is charged with advancing global engagement on campus, as well as engagement with local communities who have global ties.

Shoreline is actively engaged in international education and is among the country’s top 20 community colleges hosting international students. It has also been the recipient of awards such as the Paul Simon Award for Campus Internationalization.

Having previously worked at the University of Michigan and Brown University gives Samira a unique perspective on the role of international educators at community colleges vis-à-vis their university counterparts. Samira grew up in India and has also lived in Germany and Austria.